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Aidan Bennett

Founder & MD

“Not only is Workamajig very easy to use, it has also proven to be very cost-effective with the monthly fee per user.”


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Sandra Torre

Chief Financial Officer

“Workamajig gives our account managers the tools they need to manage projects from start to finish with the touch of a button.”


Lorrie Lee

VP & Director of Client Relations,

"Workamajig has been a real asset to our agency; it handles all of our needs- from scheduling to billing."


Incoming project requests
  • Project requestors can use the client portal to easily submit new requests

  • Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers

  • Requests can be re-routed to request additional information or clarification

  • Upon approval, one simple click creates a project that's ready to go
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  • See which member with the right skill set has availability for your project

  • Team members update their tasks which dynamically updates the project schedule and budget

  • Easily communicate, access assets and track time to update the tasks
Keep projects on track
  • Overarching analytics allow you to track everything from number of requests, requestor totals, types of projects, and more.

  • Get insights that allow you to make informed decisions and report on your team's performance.
Project Analytics

Simplify project management

We're continually adding more functionality and features that resonate with our clients.

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Workamajig's responsive web design works seamlessly on your phone, tablet and computer. It's that easy.

Collaborate with your team, clients and vendors. Our approval process means no communications are missed.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Organize project details, calendars, schedules, and anything else you need into one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Resource Management Software

Workamajig is an efficient, fully-integrated platform for agencies and in-house creative teams. Tackle scheduling, allocating, and every other aspect of resource management.

Resource Management Software

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